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Trido Red Dot design awards 2022.jpg

TRIDO Winning Big at the Red Dot Awards

On March 10th, the magnetic building block brand TRIDO was honoured as a 2022 “red dot” winner – making it the best of the best.


In 2017, Artur Tikhonenko established TRIDO in the UK, and at the beginning of 2021, Hape became the exclusive distributor of TRIDO around the globe, endeavouring to introduce this creative and unique building block to a wider audience. Emerging from Platonic Solids, TRIDO enables everyone - young and old - to create their own shapes. Thanks to an ingenious array of magnets, the polyhedrons are able to be connected with each other by any of their faces or sides, and due to their innovative design and abundance of colour (sky, honey, jungle, laguna, flamingo and grayscale), TRIDO offers an immersive experience full of discovery, art and inspiration. It is a spiritual activity in which ideas stack-up endlessly to generate more and more sparks, an eventually - after a process of exploration, self-expression, satisfaction, and appreciation - one feels relieved and free of the stresses and anxieties of the day.


The Red Dot Design Award looks back on a history of more than 60 years, and it represents the best of the best in design and business. Every year, excellent designs bursting with creativity, innovation and style are selected by a varied panel of international experts and judged against the strictest of criteria. Generally, the Red Dot Award has three prize categories for product design, brand and communication design, and design concept, and amongst these, the product design award is considered the most prestigious. For a long time, the winner of the award has been monopolised by technology giants such as Apple, and LG etc, so TRIDO’s remarkable victory counts as a great success for elegant design that will undoubtedly bring more wide-spread attention to the magical magnetic art-form.


TRIDO encourages everyone to unleash their inner artists and pursue a colourful journey and, adhering to its original inspiration and intention, Hape endeavours to bring happiness to children across the world via high-quality toys and educational products. We will as always continue to create more and more educationally attractive toys designed to develop and nurture children’s learning spirit through memorable play experiences, and aim to create a better world for future next generations along the way.

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