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April 11, 2018

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8 Reasons why this is the new smart classic toy of the century

January 4, 2018


8 Reasons why this is the new smart classic toy of the century


When, back in 2008, Artur and Tanya, co-founders of Dragon's Egg - a company that specializes in 2D and 3D creations - were asked to use pyramidal geometry in a dress collection, they started building synthetic gypsum sculptures of various shapes and sizes. Little they knew that the months spent creating prototype after prototype would have resulted in what is today safe to define as the new classic toy of the century: TRIDO®.


Inspired by the Geomag toys, but driven to surpass its limitations, TRIDO® is a magnetic Construction toy made of Platonic solids with small magnets embedded on each side of the each shape. 


Why is TRIDO® the new smart toy of the century then? What makes it so unique and irresistible to kids and adults? 


Here we give you a few reasons why you should give this fantastic invention a try:


  1. The magnets cause the TRIDO to snap together and stick and the connections are not easily broken, that’s why it keeps the shape.

  2. The variety of different structures that can be created is endless, because the shapes used in TRIDO are Tetrahedrons, Octahedrons and ½ Tetrahedron.

  3. It helps kids develop a wide variety of skills and abilities.

  4. It enhances kids’ creativity

  5. It is like a child’s basic understanding of science

  6. It comes in a variety of colours to choose from

  7. It encourages imaginative and cooperative play and lure kids away from a television, pc or other mobile devices.

  8. Perfect for kids, teens and even adults


There are many other reasons why Trido is the real innovation in the industry, such as its high educational value and many years of lots of creative thinking in the quest for a toy that can be played with by people of all ages. 


The minds behind Trido believe in the power of toys as an important instrument to people at every age, that is why this is a toy that appeals to everyone and has the potential to help developing spatial and dimensional thinking, motor skills, math, geometry, science and lots more.


The development of this toy helps to encourage imaginative and cooperative play. Its inventors wanted to move an idea of classical construction toy to a new level, where the geometry of shapes and a way of interaction between them is very new, more interesting and the toy is much easier to play with.


Trido is now being produced and will be available for distribution and retail in the next few weeks. It can also be pre-ordered here: 

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