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Trido Large Set Jungle



(price in Euro: €80)


36 Pieces


Includes 30 shapes + 3 pair of eyes: 12 Tetras, 6 Octas & 12 Tetras1/2. 


Trido is a magnetic construction toy based on pyramidal geometry.


There are 4 different shapes in each set:


1.Tetrahedron (pic.1)

2.Octahedron (pic.1)

3. ½ Tetrahedron (pic.1)

4. ½ Sphere (pic.2)

All shapes are embedded with small neodymium magnets.

The toy is made from ABS plastic. The inner (hidden part which holds magnets inside a shape) part is made from polypropylene.

The sphere shape has a print on it.


To ensure safety is upheld at all times follow the guidelines below:


  • This product contains magnets. Swallowing magnets can be fatal. If magnets are swallowed, call your doctor or get emergency medical treatment immediately.

  • Do not throw the product towards faces.

  • Do not place the product near fire.

  • To clean the product, wipe it with a dry towel.

  • Excess impact or force may damage the product and cause injury.

  • Keep damaged products away from infants, toddlers and children.

  • Do not place near credit cards or electronic devices, including mobile phones, computers, monitors, TVs, portable storage devices, etc.

  • Product use not recommended in environments or climates that exceed 80 °F of humidity in excess of 90%.

  • Do not place in liquid.

  • To minimize the risk of cracking or damaging the product, do not use outdoors.



Choking hazard - Small parts

Not for children under 3 years.