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What's unique about Trido?

- The geometry of Platonic Solids such as Tetrahedrons and Octahedrons opens you the whole hew world of Geometric Magic; - Trido's patented system of magnets allows all sides fo all snapes to snap to each other; - Trido's system of magnets allows shapes to self-allign evenly along the edges.

What is Trido good For?

Trido is perfect for intuitive learnig geometric, mathematical and physical concepts. It develops spatial and abstract thinling. Good for developing problem-solving skills.

What age group is Trido intended for?

Trido is for everyone who is older than 3 years. While it is extremely engaging for kids it can also teach adults some new concepts.

Why should I buy Trido?

Buying Trido you're not just getting a toy, but also helping us to develop new products, meaning more fun and smart future for all of us!

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